Rodney Vann

rodney-vannRodney Vann

Vice President and General Manager

Rodney Vann is “The Man” at PPi. He is our go to guy for most things in the operation. If he doesn’t know he will find out from the right person. Originally an Indiana boy by way of Louisville, KY, Rodney has a plethora of office management and administrative experience. A graduate of Northern Kentucky University, Rodney’s background lies in insurance, marketing, and business management. He has successfully developed and organized a number of day to day office operations for varied business types including Sterling Optical and NV Consultants, Inc. As the General Manager for PPi, Rodney reports directly to the CEO. Rodney is responsible for streamlining day to day office procedures and enforcing efficient practices. Among various undertakings, Rodney’s duties includes managing human resource elements such as insurance and workman’s compensation, employee benefits and maintaining and negotiating current vendor contracts, contractor records and archives. Heck, he’s even the go to person when you don’t know how to scan something to your computer! With his keen sense of structure and attention to detail, Rodney aids in making Team PPi a force to reckon with.

And now the real Rodney…

If you had to spend 1 million dollars in one day AND not own anything, what would you do? (You’d get double the money if you were able to spend it.)

“If I had 1 million dollars to spend, I would use the money to help develop the small town I grew up in. The developments I would choose would be solely for the youth in the town, allowing them the opportunity to better themselves and reach their goals.”

Words to live by?

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”
-Dr. Seuss

Best gift you ever received?

“Would have to the yellow trike with flames on the side I received as a child. I spent hours a day on that bike racing up and down the sidewalk at home. It’s things like this make me look back and smile at how easy it was to make a child happy.”

Why work for PPi?

“I wanted something challenging and I believe that PPi can give that to me. It’s a wonderful company and I’m looking forward to growing with the company.”

Your hero/most respected and why?

“The person I respect the most is my mother, she has shown me so much in life and has always put her children before herself. Because of her I can be proud of the person I have grown into and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Why do you love the events industry?

“All the people…the party’s aren’t bad either!”

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