Andrew McDonald

Andrew McdonaldAndrew McDonald, G.R. S.M (Honors), L. R. A. M.

President and CEO

Andrew’s career began as a musician in London, England. After graduating from The Royal Academy of Music with teaching, academic and performing arts degrees, he spent ten years performing around the world with the finest orchestras and ensembles including:

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
The Royal Opera House Covent Garden
The Orchestra of the Bolshoi Ballet
The BBC Symphony Orchestra

In 1993, Andrew made a bold change and arrived in Atlanta with five suitcases and no job!
After 9 years of engulfing himself in the Atlanta events industry moving from Entertainment Consultant, Production Sales Rep, to VP of Sales for an Atlanta production house, Andrew made another bold move. In 2004, Andrew founded what is now PPi and has since lead the way for this company to grow into the creative power house that it is.

And now the real Andrew…

If you had to spend 1 million dollars in one day AND not own anything, what would you do? (You’d get double the money if you were able to spend it.)

“I would divide it in thirds. One third for my family to set them up, one third for a foundation I will set up, one third for a big ass party keeping my colleagues in the industry busy for one day! Now do I get my $2m?”

Words to live by?

“CAVU – ceiling and visibility unlimited”

Best gift you ever received?

“My first pair of drum sticks because they led to the most remarkable first part of my professional life”

Why work for PPi?

“Because I couldn’t work for anyone again so I have to work for myself!”

Your hero/most respected and why?

“Margaret Thatcher, perseverence, perseverence perseverence”

Why do you love the events industry?

“Because everyone drinks wine…..and so do I!”

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